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A story of passion

The Late Bloomer Winemaker

Meet the late bloomer

Driven by his absolute passion and love for wine, our winemaker  started experimenting in his garage. From day one it was clear that he had the touch and what was once a dream became a reality at our Late Bloomer winery.

The "Late Bloomer" name is symbolic for our winemaker who only discovered his talent for winemaking in his 50's. 


​Late Bloomer's vision is to bring together family and friends drinking good wine, creating stories and lasting memories. Being a new wine producer, we aim for challenging the status quo; bringing something new and creating a memorable experience every time you share a bottle of Late Bloomer wine.​

Situated in an old brewery in Gordon's Bay, Late Bloomer Boutique Winery hand crafts every bottle, making each bottle a unique experience with its own story. Every Vintage is carefully planned to be special and different from every other vintage. 

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for our pop up wine tastings around the Western Cape as well as events at our tasting room The Greenhouse Cafe East of Pretoria

Follow our blog for more Late Bloomer stories!

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