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Let the Cheninanigans begin: A Time of Excitement and Hard Work

Greetings from the vineyards!

It's that time of year again! The wine harvest has officially begun, marking the start of a busy and exciting season for winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike.

What We’re Up To

As a winemaker, I have the privilege of working with nature to produced something that is truly unique and special. The art of winemaking is a blend of science and passion, and it's a journey that I have been on for many years (although I did have a late start 😊). Our 2023 journey begins in a vineyard outside Franschhoek, that we have carefully chosen for its optimal growing conditions, and our partner farmer has taken great care to maintain the health of the soil, the vines, and the grapes. The wine harvest is not just an important time for winemakers, it's also a time for celebration! Many regions hold festivals and events to mark the start of the harvest season. These events are a great opportunity for wine lovers to taste the latest vintage, meet winemakers, and learn about the wine-making process. Whether you're a winemaker, wine lover, or just looking for a good time, the wine harvest is a season of excitement, hard work, and celebration. So raise a glass of your favorite vintage and celebrate the start of another great wine harvest season! Cheers for now! The Late Bloomer

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