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"Who the hell is Charlie?"

A question I got from one of of our business partners and fellow shareholder in Late Bloomer wines. A question I have had to answer at many a wine tasting, normally followed by "I don't normally like Chardonnay, but this isn't what I expected" and "I actualy quite like this".

"Charlie" is a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from their 2006 double album, Stadium Arcadium. Although the song was never released as a single, the band held a worldwide contest in March 2007 for fans to direct a music video for the song. - Wikipedia

So the real question is, why Charlie and what does a song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers have to do with our Unoaked Chardonnay? To answer that question and to give you the story behind Charlie Unoaked Chardonnay, we need to first look at who Charlie is in TRHCP song.

What started out as being a song about the songwriter's own creative muse turned into a tribute to all sorts of inspirational sources. "It began to mean more than just one thing, which I actually preferred," he explained in the album commentary. "I didn't want it just to [be about] your imagination. I wanted it to mean as many things as possible.

When we brainstormed the idea behind Charlie (the wine) we were looking for it to be as many things as possible; the first thing that you taste is strong citrus, zesty lemon and lime, yet still dry with a savoury, minerality undertone. We wanted to create something that could make the "anything but Chardonnay" movement, sit up and reconsider their view of Chardonnay and what it actually is.

So that brings us to the question: "who the hell is Charlie?". Charlie is, whoever or what ever inspires you, makes you smile, wakes you early in the morning with butterflies in your stomach, makes you shake, makes you sing.

Charlie is whoever you want it to be...

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