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THE STORY OF FANIE (1929 - 2013)

In celebration of the third edition of our flagship red wine blend, Fanie’s Fusion, we want to share with you a tribute to the person who served as inspiration for this very popular blend

Stephanus Johannes (Fanie) Kruger, born and raised in Kroonstad, was a salt of the earth kind of person, loved by all who crossed his path. Strangers soon became friends and friends became family. He was a keen storyteller yet a great listener. Wise and insightful, his loved ones trusted him for advice and inspiration. He was deeply spiritual and dedicated to his Creator.

Fanie had many talents and as young man played rugby for TUKS as agile fly half and fullback, and with his love for dancing and music, especially Jazz and Latin-American, the young Fanie was quite a hit amongst the girls (until he met his one and only true love, Jules). Fanie loved being surrounded by friends and family and we have many grand memories of his insightful opinions and stories about the good old days during our late Sunday afternoon lunches. He was equally happy in his own company and could sit for hours next to the fishing waters, busy with his own thoughts.

Apart from attributes such as humbleness, integrity, humour and compassion, he had a bright intellect and acquired an MBA degree. During his lifetime he was employed as financial manager by various companies and later helped build the family business, Julie’s Foods. He was equally good as craftsman, could work miracles with wood and had an interest in home construction projects with many of the fine houses he built still evidence of this talented man.

Fanie’s love for wine was no secret, his favourite cultivars being Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, which is why we decide

To a loving husband, father and grandad; The memory of you lives on in this masterful creation that celebrates a full life well lived.


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